SF sushi search: K’s Kitchen

Today, Michael Bauer over at Inside Scoop echoed my sentiments on good sushi in San Francisco: it doesn’t really exist. There are a few exceptions, but those (unsurprisingly) charge a premium for quality. I myself have a handful of default spots for affordable sushi, but if not for my desperation, they’d be pretty unmemorable.

Recently, in our search for a new favorite Japanese joint, Jay and I tried out K’s Kitchen in Sunnyside. Should you venture to the outer reaches of the city, you’ll find their unassuming storefront — but push past the drab-looking doorway to discover a sophisticated, sleek space with solid seafood.

We immediately got down to business with the large sashimi combination, consisting of 25 fat slices of wonderfully fresh fish. While we’re sushi enthusiasts, we’re certainly no purists, so next we indulged in one of their many creative, decidedly non-traditional items, the dinosaur roll: a spider roll topped with eel, unagi sauce, and tobiko. Its deep, caramelized flavors more than made up for the slightly dry deep-fried soft-shell crab. We rounded out the meal with Kobei beef carpaccio (sp), slathered in sweet onions and garlic sauce. K’s Kitchen most certainly didn’t skimp out on their tender, umami-packed meat; this is a dish best shared.

We most certainly enjoyed our food, but the bill was a bit higher and service much slower than ideal. I’d happily return to K’s Kitchen, particularly for a low-key date night, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to dine there. It seems the Great Sushi Search continues..!

K’s Kitchen
757 Monterey Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94127


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