Friday finds

Friends, I am so, so, so busy, it’s scary. I have deadlines, finals, interviews, meetings, and online coursework, all rising to a fever pitch within the next month. I’m holding on, knuckles bare, and praying for the best. In the name of self care, I’ll still be cooking and writing, but rearranging my priorities so that this blog doesn’t become an obligation (oblogation?). I’ve been making it a mission to post here every weekday, but I’m going to start checking in more organically — when my time/sanity permits. Your positive energy would be much appreciated in the meantime! Talk soon and take care.

If I had time to even catch my breath this week, I’d be watching some of these. (7×7)

How I love this post, its science, its tenderness, its incredible cake! (Local Milk)

To make: this spin on Jamie Oliver’s famous chicken in milk. (The Kitchn)

I can relate. (Humans of New York)

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