SF sushi search: Daigo

My search for satisfactory sushi in San Francisco continues! My latest stop: Daigo, a tiny corner space in a quiet stretch of neighborhood businesses in the Richmond district.

I value authenticity and tradition, but didn’t bat an eye when I realized this Japanese joint was Chinese-owned. For one thing, we can’t be too picky, can we? Who am I to turn my nose up at a restaurant simply because its staff don’t have a particular pedigree? It smacks of elitism to think that only people of a culture can prepare their food well. My friends in the food industry would also be quick to point out that the cooks in today’s kitchens are often exceptionally talented immigrants with no historical ties to their product. While it’s nice when restaurants have roots, what’s truly important is whether or not the food stands on its own. At Daigo, it does.

Chef Eric Peng knows exactly what he’s doing, having spent stints in respectable sushi bars throughout the Bay. His artful preparation was reflected in each of the dishes we ordered, from the garnishes on the plates to the housemade, low-sodium soy sauce at each table. Of special note was my sashimi salad, dressed in an addictively, deliciously bright ponzu sauce — most definitely a repeat order, especially for the price. Be aware that appetizers and specials (such as our poke salad) come in significantly sparer portions than main plates, but that everything will be fresh. The menu’s vibe was nicely mirrored by the space: minimal, comfortable, and uplifting with many thoughtful touches. Yup, Daigo has everything we’d want in a neighborhood sushi joint, not the least of which is exceptionally friendly, attentive service. We left the restaurant, happy that we’d finally secured a solid success in our search. But onward we press…

2450 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121


3 thoughts on “SF sushi search: Daigo

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