Friday finds(-ish)

Happy Friday! After a few hellishly busy weeks, I’m back to regular programming on this blog… kinda. As soon as I wrapped up my evening class last month, I signed up for more online courses over the summer. I suppose I must be a masochist. Despite my still-packed schedule, I’m going to make an effort to pop in here on a more frequent basis, especially since I’ve got some good things brewing.

#1. I signed up for my very first Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), or a mutually beneficial partnership between consumer and farm. I send in a few dollars each week to support a local farmer and, in return, receive a mystery box of their freshest produce. The plan is to sequentially try out Terra Firma Farms, Mariquita Farms, and Greenhearts Family Farms (chosen based on convenience) and see which works best for me. I’m especially excited over being forced to cook seasonally because…

#2. I’m doing another Whole30 “nutritional reset” in the month of June. Re: my suspicion earlier, yes, I guess I really am a masochist. I’ve done a few of these programs now, and each time I go through a period of balance before tumbling off the clean-eating wagon. Such is life: cyclical. I think it’ll be much more fun this time around, and not just because I’m a seasoned dieter/home cook now. My girlfriends are joining me this round, which means Whole30-friendly brunches in the near future. Yes.

Friday finds will be back in business soon. Until then, friends…



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