Friday finds

Happy Friday! My plan this weekend: to be equal parts relaxed (e.g., recover from the stressfulness of the past few days) and productive (e.g., prevent history from repeating itself). I intend to spend lots of time with my dear friends, who will be breaking my heart with their imminent move out of the Bay Area. Crafting and cooking is also in the works… as will studying. And laundry. Such is life.

Above: my very first CSA delivery from Terra Firma Farms! It’s a decent amount of produce, though I was hoping for more cooking greens. I immediately polished off half of the apricots and strawberries, put aside the basil for a big batch of pesto, and ate some of the arugula in a salad. The rest remains to be seen, but everything looks and tastes incredibly fresh so far.

Did you get the memo? Today is National Donut Day. I can’t wait to make these Samoa babies the minute my Whole30 ends.

The one word that should never follow “I love you.”

SF guides for the summer: Local escapes and Belinda Leong-recommended pastries.

Think you don’t have time to read?

Someone writes about trying fruit for the first time at age 26.

I wanna have ramen and whiskey with Stuart and Nicole of State Bird Provisions.

It’s wedding season. May I kindly suggest this invitation template?

An fascinating look at making fish sauce in Vietnam.

Celebrity diets in still life.

Outside of cooking and writing, I count judging as one of my favorite hobbies… which is why I watch the Bachelor(ette).

A powerful, resonating essay on being the child of Asian immigrants.

And finally, a song to sign off the week: Phosphorescent – Song for Zula. This has been on repeat for weeks and weeks. I implore you to listen to this in stereo (preferably using headphones or earbuds). The string arrangement makes me feel so many feelings.


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