drunk food at Dear Mom

I don’t drink often. Scratch that — I don’t go out often. You can find me most Saturday nights parked on the couch, in my fugly mint-green robe, catching up on awful reality television. However, when I muster up the energy to be a Social Human Being, I do like going to venues that serve good food. Dear Mom, just like its namesake, does exactly that, taking care of you whether you’re thirsty or hungry.

Unlike many other bars in the Mission, Dear Mom is incredibly spacious. What’s more, they’ve wisely devoted some of that real estate to a full kitchen with a super playful menu. To be sure, you won’t find your mother’s home cooking here — but you won’t need to be several pints deep to enjoy the fare, either. Dear Mom offers loud and proud bar food, with both red-blooded American roots and funky, fusion-y twists. Squeeze through the crowds, head to the counter at the back, order a few greasebombs, grab your placard, and wait for your food to find you.

Last time I found myself at Dear Mom, I watched enviously as my friends chowed down on fat burgers. I’m glad I came back for one of my own. A thick, juicy Angus beef patty is served with dill pickle relish, little gem lettuce, special sauce, optional avocado, and a side of potatoes: classic. It hit the damn spot.

We tried one of the many Asian-influenced items on the menu, too. A pair of Chinese steamed bao were stuffed with puffed rice fried chicken, savoy cabbage, pickled radish slaw, Korean chile sauce, and mirin aioli. While enjoyable, the various sauces weighed the dish down quite a bit; I’d recommend ordering the toppings on the side and/or splitting this.

We also bummed some bites off of my friend’s papas fritas: fried handcut potatoes topped with cotija cheese, chile, Tapatio aioli, green onion, cilantro, and wedges of lime. Ummm… my eyes rolled to the back of my head just typing those words out. Devour these with a beer, or not — it’s so, so insanely delicious either way.

Dear Mom isn’t just a watering hole; it’s a place that really takes ownership of all of its parts, from its roomy public space to its well-developed kitchen. They even offer brunches and host pop-ups regularly — they are that unafraid of sober tastebuds. I can appreciate that. Dear Mom has a glowing stamp of approval from grandmotherly me. Now, back to my sofa and sitcoms…

Dear Mom
2700 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103



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