Whole 30 Wednesdays: Days 4-11

During the month of June, I’ll be participating in the Whole30 program.

Day 4: Wednesday, June 4

  • Breakfast: Dried mangoes. Hard-boiled egg. Trader Joe’s kale chips. Just Tomatoes.
  • Lunch: Stir-fried kale. Guacamole.
  • Dinner: Ground spiced turkey.
  • Snack: Strawberries. Almonds.
  • Exercise: Turbofire “Fire 45 EZ”

As of this morning, I’ve now cleaned off nearly all the dried and dehydrated fruit, nuts, and vegetables in my pantry. God willing, I will not be binging on snacks again!

I have noticed that my workouts have been suffering a bit — I just don’t have the same energy I did when I was downing cookies and chips with abandon. To be expected, I suppose. I’ve also noticed I’ve been sleeping much more deeply, though this may have more to do with using blackout curtains than anything else.

Day 5: Thursday, June 5

  • Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs. Just Tomatoes.
  • Lunch: Chicken verde. Sautéed kale.
  • Dinner: Arugula salad with two hard-boiled eggs, guacamole, strawberries, and macadamia nuts.
  • Snack: A tablespoon of coconut butter with cocoa powder. Six small apricots. Half a carton of strawberries. Three egg whites with nutritional yeast.
  • Exercise: Turbofire “HIIT 30” and “Sculpt 30”

Just look at my snacks section. Out. of. control. I gorged myself on my CSA’s delivery of fresh fruit, summoning all my willpower to save half for Jay. Speaking of Jay, he’s had to bear the brunt of some pretty ferocious mood swings lately. I’m chalking a lot of this up to external/life-related issues, but the diet ain’t helping. I’ve observed myself reaching for the trail mix whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Time to pay attention to that emotional eating.

Day 6: Friday, June 6

  • Breakfast: A hard-boiled egg and two egg whites. Kit’s Bar.
  • Lunch: Three pluots.
  • Dinner: Chicken verde. Spring mix with guacamole, nutritional yeast, and macadamia nuts.
  • Snack: Macadamia nuts. Cashews. A bag of cherries.
  • Exercise: Turbofire “Fire 55 EZ” and “Abs 10”

I am a masochist, I am, I am. Today I took my friends on a tour of my favorite Berkeley eateries, including Bakesale Betty (for their incredible fried chicken sandwich) and Ici Ice Cream (for my most beloved scoop in the Bay Area). In turn, I got to spend some time shopping at the life-changing grocery store that is Berkeley Bowl. Even though I just got a CSA delivery, I couldn’t help stocking up on more produce, spices, and about five different varieties of pluots. I solemnly swore to stop with all the fruit by Saturday, and to enter week 2 and onward sugar-free.

Day 7: Saturday, June 7

  • Breakfast: Pecan pie larabar
  • Lunch: Roli Roti roast chicken. Fog city Diner kale salad with nectarine and marcona almonds.
  • Dinner: spring mix salad with olive oil and nutritional yeast. Roli roti chicken.
  • Snack: fruit samples. Peach and nectarine. Blueberries. Strawberries. Macadamia nuts. Sunflower seeds.
  • Exercise: Turbofire “HIIT 25” and “Tone 30”

Today was a special day: not just my friend T’s birthday, but also his last full day in San Francisco before moving out to NYC. We started the day off early at the Ferry Building farmers market before surprising T with a sailing trip around the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with my dear friends — and, happily, I didn’t have to be too obnoxious when we went out for lunch.

After I got home in the afternoon, however, I knocked out nearly immediately and took a fat three-hour nap. My sleepiness probably stemmed from waking up early, eating way too much fruit, and taking a “non-drowsy” Dramamine. In any case, I was pretty low-energy the entire day, especially after being lulled by the waves while on the water.

Day 8: Sunday, June 8

  • Breakfast: Breakfast “burrito” with eggs, taco-spiced ground turkey, avocado, and lettuce.
  • Lunch: Two hard-boiled eggs and one egg white. Nutritional yeast and mustard.
  • Dinner: Taco-spiced ground turkey. Avocado. Sauteed kale.
  • Snack: Cucumbers and sugar snap peas. Basil-lemon chicken and sauteed arugula (while cooking).
  • Exercise: Turbofire “Fire 30” and “Abs 10”

Jay made me an amazing breakfast “burrito” using a thin egg omelet in place of the traditional tortilla. Divine. I spent some of the day at C’s, where she had conscientiously set aside some Whole30 snacks for me. How I love the patient, accommodating people in my life! Even with help, I have to take on a lot of work for this godforsaken diet. I spent a good few hours in the kitchen prepping for my week.

Day 9: Monday, June 9

  • Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs. Nutritional yeast and mustard.
  • Lunch: Basil-lemon chicken. Sauteed arugula and power greens.
  • Dinner at Chipotle: Carnitas salad with fajita vegetables and guacamole.
  • Exercise: Chalean Extreme “Ab Burner” and “Recharge”

I’ve been feeling a bit fatigued lately, but nothing like today. I hit a wall right before dinnertime. My energy levels plummeted to rock bottom — I couldn’t even leave the house to grab take-out. On the bright side, my workout schedule has been easing up so I’m not forced to overexert myself.

Also a source of unpleasantness: my bowel movements. I suspect my totally excessive fruit (fiber) consumption may have something to do with this… but my digestive tract has not been happy with me over the past few days. Lots of hot air, if you know what I mean. I’m hoping that things will cool down now that I’m going fruit-free.

Day 10: Tuesday, June 10

  • Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs. A cherry tomato.
  • Lunch: Pistachios.
  • Dinner: Zucchini and tomato stir-fry. Half a chicken sausage.
  • Snack: Jicama sticks.
  • Exercise: Turbofire “Fire 45 EZ.” 1-hour walk to work.

I couldn’t resist buying a 5-ounce bag of in-shell pistachios and demolishing the whole thing over the course of a few hours. I felt a little bad about it, but didn’t eat very much the rest of the day. It balances out, right? … In any case, at least my mood is stabilizing, despite my insane stress levels. I’m also feeling better rested and marginally more energetic, though I should still work on getting to bed earlier. I’m going to do whatever I can to prevent a total shut-down à la earlier this week.

P.S. All these photos were taken by my iPhone 5 and auto-enhanced by the Flickr app. Not bad for a post-processing tool — I actually like it significantly more than the native iOS’s — but it does occasionally sharpen and contrast to wonky extremes. Unfortunately my real-life camera is MIA (fingers crossed I find it soon!), so these’ll have to do for the time being.


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