Friday finds

Finally Friday! Amazingly, I’ve got nothing on the calendar… other than tremendous amounts of schoolwork (and a major backlog of blog entries). I’m expecting lots of time holed up in my room, in bed, with my laptop on and windows open. Summer!

Above: my CSA haul was a definite improvement on last week’s — so many more colors! I’m also super happy I got stone fruit in mine; I’m definitely rethinking my “no fruit” rule now. I’m still wishing my shipment included more cooking/leafy greens, but so it goes. That ain’t what a CSA about. This concludes my trial with Terra Firma Farms; next up will be a (no commitment) mystery box from Mariquita Farms. Stay tuned for my thoughts.

A must-read on happiness.

Anderson Cooper and a schizophrenia simulator.

A gorgeous, intimate photo essay on California’s Central Valley.

Michael Bauer ranks his top 100 dishes in SF.

I’ve got a case of FOMIM: fear of missing important meals while traveling.

These NYC bookstores will be on my “to-visit list” come July.

The head of her class — and homeless.

This honest piece on losing and gaining weight back really resonated with me.

My jaw dropped.


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