Friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend should be restorative, full of good food, friends, and Fed Up. Of note: my brunch club and I are meeting for our first non-restaurant meal, a Whole30-compliant potluck at my friends’ new home. I’ll be digging into my CSA’s “mystery box” for my contribution — which, by the way, merits its own post. I can’t stop telling people how my life has been ~forevah changed~ thanks to this new discovery.

David Tanis eats his way through Vietnam.

Vice visited the face-slapping parlor in my ‘hood… and it sounds incredible.

A sweet story on a lost father.

Food in SF: the best burgers in the city and an “epic” ramen festival in July.

One of my favorite childhood books is becoming movie-fied!

It’s-It Inc. made my mind explode.

And now, a new tune from one of my long-time favorite artists:


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