Friday finds

Finally Friday! Sadly I’ll be sitting out of this year’s SF Pride activities due to some major school deadlines. Still, between bouts of studying, I’ll be celebrating my beloved friend C’s birthday — first at a charity drive party (a heart of gold, that one) and then at a concert. Robyn + Royksopp. I can’t wait. Robyn is a higher being from outer space, sent to grace us with ridiculous mind-melting happy-tear-inducing Swedish dance pop. I’ll be wearing a huge grin and my brightest Nike sneakers, obviously.

Bocce Ball (Mario Batali x Anthony Bourdain) = I want to be there.

Three Twins x SF Pride = scandalously good ice cream flavors.

Best bites in Oakland’s Korean “Kimchi Row.”

Would you rather eat a la Goop or Guy?

In which Serious Eats taste tests all of Trader Joe’s trail mixes.

Chemistry made adorable.

Writers’ snack habits, illustrated. (My stand-bys are pistachios and kombucha. No one’s surprised.)

This weekend’s soundtrack should be a no-brainer:


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