SF sushi search: Shimo

Our hunt for non-$$$ sushi continues — this time at Shimo, a restaurant highly recommended by Jay’s coworkers. We’d passed by its quirky, wood-paneled storefront several times, but hadn’t stepped foot within until recently. Just as we expected, its playful exterior gave way to an equally quirky, charming space. This is a true neighborhood joint, run without pretense.

Though we were seated and served promptly, our waitress seemed a bit scattered. No matter; we weren’t present and paying to be wined and dined. We simply wanted seafood… and seafood we received. Jay ordered a few basic rolls from the predictable menu: the 49er roll (cucumbers and masago, wrapped in seaweed and rice and topped with fresh salmon and slices of lemon), the kamikaze roll (scallop and avocado wrapped in seaweed, rice and masago and topped with white tuna and special spicy sauce) and a spicy tuna roll. I didn’t have any of the sushi, but personally thought the rice looked too bloated and liberally applied. For the record, Jay liked the sushi just fine. Besides, I’d been in the mood for lighter fish, ordering the salmon salad — thick slabs of sashimi served atop bean thread noodles and drizzled with a ponzu dressing and scallions. I liked this just fine, too. Given that seafood-slinger Daigo is only a stone’s throw away, however, I can’t say my experience would compel me to return, though hundreds of enamored Yelpers would beg to differ. All in all, Shimo’s delivered decent sushi at reasonable prices… but our search persists.

2339 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121


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