Friday finds

I know, I know. My little getaway turned into a sabbatical longer (and more luxurious) than expected. As they say, “sorry not sorry.” My week in the Dominican Republic was almost laughably stereotypical: I tanned, snorkeled, parasailed, ziplined, and all-you-can-eat buffet’ed to my heart’s content. After all that lounging around in the Caribbean, it only made sense to plunge directly into the madness of New York City. We stayed in the East Village, a perfect jumping-off point for the insane, unforgettable amounts of eating and exploring we did. Naturally, my brain got a bit scrambled from all that timezone-hopping, so I had to take a vacation from my vacation and spend an extra week decompressing and readjusting.

My time spent away from the computer was everything I wanted it to be: fun-filled, fancy-free, and food-intense. As such, I’ve got a major backlog of entries to catch up on. New York updates will come in due time — but first there are a few things I’ve got to get out there first. Either way…

Hi, I’m back!

Words to create art by.

One bad-ass ballet body.

Urgent questions for a first date.

The Tuxedo Diet.

Bey and Jay in the Bay.

Pop-Tarts taste test.

All these desserts. I want them. Chocolate meringue cakeQuince custard cake. Ice cream sandwich. S’mores cake. Tahini fudge… but instead I’m probably going to make Paleo Chik-Fil-A nuggets (while thinking of this).

And, to herald my return to normalcy, an oldie but goodie: “Hey Ya.”


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