Friday finds

This weekend, I’m bidding temporary adieu to my loyal sidekick, Jay, who will be touring Europe for two weeks. Oh, you know, just a day in the life, no big deal. Though I won’t be flying out intercontinentally, I will be hopping around the Bay quite a bit and keeping busy: my first baseball game, a day trip to the river, and plenty of time with girlfriends.

I’ve also got two somewhat blog-related news to announce.

As disclosed recently, I basically reversed the results of my diet and exercise regimen during my vacation. Not only that, but my cravings are back in full force; this afternoon, I found myself breaking into a six-pack of Oreos on autopilot. One day, I’ll learn moderation…. but until then, I’ll continue running intense nutrition experiments on myself. The day after Labor Day until Halloween, I’ll be back on a Whole30-style regimen. Expect fewer restaurant reviews and more recipe posts. I can’t wait to start cooking for myself again!

Secondly, I’m debating over whether or not this series, Friday Finds, should continue. It might be too frequent, considering there’s been a slowing of actual content posts. It’s also a bit time-consuming to curate regularly, especially now that I’m launching into grad school application season. I may make it a bi- or monthly feature — we’ll see.

Brunch in infographics.

Eddie Huang kills it — it being the deplorable Bill O’Reilly.

When I first scanned the title, “I don’t want Taqueria Cancun to win best burrito,” I felt my blood boil. The joint makes my favorite Mexican food (and green salsa) in all the land. Then I actually read the article, and understood. Sigh.

A handy anti-hangry guide for SF jetsetters.

The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival lineup is out! I’ll be seeing Conor Oberst and company for the fourth year in a row. Looking forward to it.

Changes abound with Labor Day and the turning of the seasons. A wistful tune seems appropriate:


2 thoughts on “Friday finds

    • Kay, you are the most affirming blog reader of all time. I’ll try to keep Finds up — I like having it around, too, especially as a weekly journal of sorts!

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