Friday finds

Confession: I can be a pretty forgetful person. I’ve been known to occasionally leave my wallet and phone behind on my way out. Usually fate is on my side and some good Samaritan delivers my possessions back to me. No such luck when I lost my work badge and Clipper (public transit) card this week. It’s been hellish trying to replace the latter and transfer my employee transportation benefits. Blah blah blah. Lesson learned. If a card case is falling apart, replace it before you start losing things!

Beyond recovering from this ginormous headache, I’ll also be spending this weekend workshopping, painting, researching, and hanging out with friends. Low-key and leisurely… I’ll enjoy it while I can!

New cleanse, anyone? The Emoji-only diet.

One of our favorite television shows is MasterChef, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliott. Though it’s a reality show, it does, in fact, seem to focus more on talent than trashiness — taping only takes place within the context of the competition kitchens. It was with some interest, then, that I read the local casting call for the next season of MasterChef..!

Sugar cravings fully activated. Bee-sting cake. Russian honey cake. All the cakes.

The glorious Eat Real Festival is back this October — and, just like last year, I’m afraid I might find myself out of town.

Very into this list of classic Vietnamese beverages.

More news about my favorite Mexican place, Taqueria Cancun… and not at all good.

This weekend’s tune is a sad, slow favorite — good for a weekend spent recharging:


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