Friday finds

Shhh. Before I say anything else, I’d like to have a moment of silence. I’m mourning the eminent passing of stone fruit season. I can’t say I didn’t make the most of it, however. I ate my weight in peaches, nectarines, and, most especially, pluots. Please note the gorgeous green gems on the right hand side of the photo: Green Grenade pluots. Those, as well as Flavor Grenades and other “Flavor” variants, are testaments to the crazy deliciousness of hybridized fruit — super juicy, sweet as candy, and totally addictive. At the farmers’ market, I watched my fruit lady’s cache dwindle into nothingness over the past few weeks. Until we meet again…

Anyway. I’ll be snapping myself out of mourning with plenty of old-fashioned fun this weekend. Back to the river I go! I’ll be celebrating the last few days of my dear C’s single-dom with a bachelorette party in Guerneville. While I’m with my girlfriends, my boyfriend will be flying back to San Francisco after a two-week stint in Europe. Below is an incredibly thoughtful, detox-friendly care package he sent to my office while abroad (and yes, I’ll admit, I’ll gladly be that obnoxious officemate squealing over special deliveries from significant others). It’ll be quite the reunion once the sender is stateside!

Bookmarking the Kitchn’s kitchen guide for future reference.

This article may have led me to impulse-purchase Crispix and Chex for future binging.

San Francisco is, apparently, home to America’s best burrito.

Love this primer on how to say no.

How many 90’s foods have you tried? My count: 46. Oh, those Oreo O’s!

Living in SF, it gave me anxiety reading what $1,500 in rent will get you across the US.

Celebrity child or Kentucky Derby winner?

My friend D shared this list of female-authored novels, which has now subsumed my list of novels to read, period.

A country cover (by none other than girl-powered HAIM) only seems appropriate for this weekend.


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