NYC, Brooklyn: Smorgasburg

Last time I was in NYC, I didn’t step foot in Brooklyn. As I pictured it, the borough was just too much to do justice within a single trip. This, I now realize, can be said of nearly any metropolitan area. I had to accept that I was never going to see it all, neither in breadth nor depth, and still give travelin’ my best shot. With that in mind, on a Sunday afternoon, Jay and I boarded a ferry bound for BK.

Brooklyn Ferry

On D’s recommendation, Jay and I took the East River Ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I braced myself for a bit of confusion upon getting to the East 34th Street/Midtown station, but was pleasantly surprised by the easy-to-navigate system. We bought our tickets at machines, waited for the ferry’s timely arrival, found seats, and settled in for some gorgeous views of the NYC skyline. It was an A+ way to begin the day and see a different side of the city.

We disembarked at the Brooklyn Bridge Park/DUMBO stop and enjoyed a nice lil’ stroll along the waterfront. I enjoyed the greenery and landscaping while Jay was mesmerized by the recreational facilities (specifically, the outdoor basketball courts).

East River Ferry
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After a 10-minute walk, we arrived at our destination: Smorgasburg, the food market counterpart to the popular Brooklyn Flea market. The scent of charcoal and barbecue hung in the air, coaxing us past the gates. We were ready.

Jay, D and I strategically parted ways, queuing up at different booths to maximize our time. Everything we ate, with a few exceptions, was decent: neither awful nor mind-blowing. Afterwards, we agreed that San Francisco’s street food fare had already set the bar pretty high for us. There were still a few unique booths I wished I’d gotten to try (including The Bolivian Llama Party and Blue Marble Ice Cream) — but, as I was quickly learning to accept, you can’t try it all.

A refreshing whole coconut, freshly chopped at Summers.

The origin of the intoxicating eau de meat…

A pretty delicious spicy jerk chicken sausage from Maroon Sausage Company.

This combo from Excell’s Kingston Eatery called Jay’s name — featuring jerk chicken, brown rice, plantains, slaw, and sauce.

I was disappointed by this chorizo arepa from Palenque Homemade Colombian Food; it was just too dry. It didn’t hold a candle to (the truly incredible) Caracas Arepas Bar in the East Village.

Heaven is a place on Earth.

Behold: the incredibly fluffy interior of a passionfruit and cocoa nib doughnut from Dough.

Seasonal schedules available at

Walkin’ round

When it came time to burn off some of that glorious food/fuel, we happily took the opportunity to explore Brooklyn on foot. It was especially nice having friends who lived in different neighborhoods and could point out its little nooks and crannies. We had saved one neighborhood, however, for a special outing all its own… coming up soon!

I loved this business housing the art book publisher, powerHouse books — part well-curated bookstore and part exhibition space.

Etsy-esque stationary. Hip tote bags. Poignant chalkboard quotes. Cool.

… And now, somehow, we find ourselves at Grand Army Plaza by Prospect Park.

We admired the entrance to the Brooklyn Museum after-hours.


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