Friday finds

Summer’s finally here! … Right? At least, that’s what it feels like nowadays. Last weekend was spent luxuriating in glorious wine country sunshine, and this one will likely see lots of vitamin D, too. I’m LA-bound for C’s bridal shower and family time. Unlike NorCal (with its pleasant, mild warmth), however, my home half-state appears to be in the middle of an outrageous heat wave. I’m diving into the farthest, darkest corners of my closet for clothing other than sweaters and leggings. Fingers crossed that my face don’t melt right off. Have a great weekend, babez!

Really digging the body image talk circulating ’round the net. Rookie Mag. Humans of New York. Gloss Watch.

DIY kitchen in a box.

Pepperoni garlic knots: singlehandedly ruining diets everywhere.

Pumpkin spice your life.

Furikake popcorn. Hold me.

Every time I cross the Bay in BART, I pray that an earthquake doesn’t strike. This somewhat assuages my fears. Kinda.

Snickers ice cream pie. I could just die, you guys. Planning on killing my loved ones with kindness by making this for the holidays..!

Been listening to this gorgeous tune all week! It puts me in a SoCal kinda mood: jean shorts, sneakers, sassy ‘tude.


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