(Final) Friday finds (for now): BRB

Grad school application season is upon us. Someone hold me. I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone post this dispatch. As such, I will be taking a temporary leave of absence from this beloved space. I hope to return sometime mid-October, but who knows what the universe has in store for me? Prayers, positive energy, etc, would be much appreciated. Love y’all!

An absolute must-read.

I’ve been totally taken by Humans of NY’s United Nations coverage, particularly this post. The Kitchn has also been featuring Vietnam, including apartment hunting in Hanoi.

Ballerina. Bodybuilder.

I’ma make menemen.

Lena Dunham’s advice is exactly what you’d think it’d be.

Marcus Samuelsson talks up my favorite hidden ‘hood in SF!

Tell your (Asian) parents you love ’em.

Hoping these next few weeks are e a s y :


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