Friday finds

That picture up there? Totally not representative of Real Life. Yes, I took it last weekend — but those precious few days I spent in Cabo were an exception to the pain and anguish of these past few weeks. Fortunately, however, I’ve made it through a rough patch and have been forming a game plan for the remainder of graduate application season. That does include writing and checking in here more often, even if it’s less “quality content” and more “brain-addled ranting.” Either way, I cherish this blog as a space to debrief. Hi again.

While I was away…

Have you heard of the real-life, teenage murder mystery podcast Serial? If not, I urge you to give it a listen. It’s a nail-biter! For those who’ve been following, have I got an inside joke for you…


10 excellent rules for successful exercise.

I signed up for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014! Hooray! Speaking of which: Simple chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

A new (and, IMHO, more telling) way to rank colleges — by the degree to which they empower lower-income students. Go Bears!

10 of the best pumpkin-spiced goods at Trader Joe’s, a.k.a. things I attempted to shove in my mouth immediately upon ending my recent Whole30. I’ve tried the glorious gluten-free pumpkin pancake/waffle mix and the mochi (disappointingly just okay, and decidedly too spiced for Jay). I also wasn’t able to track down these beauties in time… Until next year.

Absolutely into this new series on the secret lives of teachers.

The white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for.

NatGeo illustrates what the world eats.

Jay and I fell in love with a few foods during our recent trip to NYC. I think we may need to combat our blues with homemade Xi’an Famous Foods rice noodles noodles and Dominique Ansel’s cronuts ASAP. (ASAP being as soon as our schedules magically open up.)

Dear Admissions Committee

The New Yorker tackles grains.

Supermarket psychology.

I’m pulling together holiday baking ideas using — yes — Pinterest. Check out the Thanksgiving inspo board here… and know that, regardless of whatever I make, I am required by my loved ones to make these gorgeous golden-brown beauties.

“I spent my summer the way every other dude in his mid-twenties spends his summer, by testing every mascara in the drugstore.”

Noccioliva: must find and devour.

A recipe for one of my favorite comfort foods — though a splash of this on anything is guaranteed to mentally send me back to my mom’s kitchen table.

The Uber of gentleman companions.

I didn’t think I needed a primer on Thanksgiving hosting and etiquette until I came across Bon Appetit’s. My favorite tip:

The golden rule of thank-you notes is: Try never to use the phrase “thank you.” Instead, your notes should praise the party, the company, the conversation, the food, the toasts—whatever made the event pleasurable and memorable for you.

Tune: I played Discovery’s album approx. a billion times while writing grant proposals.


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