Friday finds

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m still dreaming about all the ridiculous, delicious food I ate. Can I confess something, though? Among the countless Friendsgiving foods sampled, one of my very favorite dishes was yakisoba. I know. I also found myself returning to the desserts table repeatedly when a lovely pink box of blueberry donuts appeared out of nowhere. My palate is, as they say, basic.

In other news, I write to you nearly halfway through my journey of Applying to Graduate School. After the train wreck of submitting my first few applications, the remainder of the process seems a cakewalk. I now feel human enough to wash my hair regularly, stop binge-eating cookies, and read things other than statements of purpose… which means new Friday finds!

Jon Stewart summarizes my feelings on Eric Garner et al. Although I’m about to follow this with a laundry list of fluffy, superficial links, I do not want to undermine the significance of this real-life nightmare. This systematic devaluing of black lives — this demonstrable oppression, persecution, and execution of vulnerable communities — this shit is NOT okay.

Disney princesses with real waistlines.

Years ago, I followed fashion blogs religiously. I still check up on them from time to time, especially that of the indomitable Susie Bubble. After reading her critical reflection on Victoria’s Secret, I was reminded how much amazing progressive thinking is generated from all corners of the ‘net. Relatedly: one size fits “all.”

I kind of want my next workout program to be pole-dancing.

In case you really needed to understand why we shouldn’t drink soda daily.

What chefs eat at the end of the night.

Moving objects.

John Oliver x Stephen Hawking.

Leaving Google. Food for thought. I can’t deny that many of us occupy such positions of privilege that we can, hypothetically, quit our jobs because they’re not “authentic” enough. It doesn’t erase the fact, however, that being true to one’s self is a very real struggle.

In undergrad, I did a bit of restaurant blogging for Berkeley’s fashion magazine (yeah, didn’t think you’d see those three words strung together, did you?). One of my stories was on Pasion, which will be closing up shop soon. Goodbye, delicious albondigas… thnx 4 the memoriez.

Carrie Bradshaw does Tinder.

Diane Guerrero speaks up about her parents’ deportation on CNN.

My new favorite NFL player (and farmer). For the record, I do have a previous favorite NFL player who continues to hold a place in my heart reserved for sexy, brainy men.

MasterChef is one of my guilty pleasure television shows… as is MasterChef Junior. Despite hating the idea of throwing children into a culinary competition, it’s pretty addictive watching. This behind-the-scenes article, however, made me a real fan through and through.

Lost in my grad school fugue, I’m forgetting that Christmas is swiftly approaching. Luckily, I came upon this little ditty… and I haven’t been able to. Stop. Playing. It. Help. (Is now also the time that I admit I recently watched Pitch Perfect and freaking loved it? WhoamI.)


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