Friday finds

My first of the New Year! … and it’s late. I’m setting the bar low on purpose.

This weekend [um, let’s pretend like this was posted before the 10th, when I had written it] is going to be a blur. Jay and I are celebrating our six year anniversary with a nice dinner at the Zagat-rated best restaurant in town. Yes, SIX years! What a wonderful journey it’s been. Until our night out, I’ll be furiously preparing for phone interviews with graduate schools — having heard back from two surprisingly early in the game — and trying to sneak in my final admissions and financial aid applications. All work and maybe a tiny bit of play makes Julie a stress case.

The NY Times’ Year in Pictures.

Trader Joe’s most popular products, 2014.

You’ll never guess who appears in these Downton Abbey shorts

Being a more compassionate public transit rider.

Once upon a time, I enjoyed reading Missed Connections on Craigslist. No more.

Imagine living in a vegetative state for 12 years… and then, one day, waking up.

Yes. YES. The recipe for Zazie’s incredible Tahitian-style French toast.

I’ve been a longtime reader of the Dear Sugar advice column over at the Rumpus (even if her writing sometimes becomes so melodramatic as to become a caricature). That said, when she’s on, she’s so very on. These essential readings really strike a chord.

This week’s tune goes out to my 1 n onlie ~


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