Friday finds

I thought I’d have a nice, long break before the next step in the grad school admissions process — but this was (pleasantly, shockingly) false. I’ve already received acceptances to some incredible programs, and am slated to attend a few other schools’ visiting weekends! This has, of course, resulted in a lot of anxious re-scheduling (including the unfortunate inability to attend my dear friend’s bachelorette party)… but I am excited about all this forward motion. My future’s about to change in a big way!

But. Before then, I’ll be squeezing every last bit of R&R I can out of this weekend.

Harold McGee breaks down MSG for ya.


My lovely wife in the psych ward.

Bourdain Market is real!

Portraits on steroids.

Make waffles. Turn into pizza.

7×7’s Eat + Drink winners.

Bopping my head to the newest Sleater-Kinney.


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