Friday finds

Hi from the East Coast!

My schedule is quickly filling up with graduate school interviews and visiting weekends across the country. By mid-February, I’ll be spending every weekend flying somewhere new. I’m excited, flattered, anxious… overwhelmed. Shit’s getting real. In order to distract myself from the very real work of prepping for meetings, I’ve been shopping for business suits and winter gear. Unfortunately, my suitcase has now reached max capacity in knit sweaters and heat-tech tights. No more putting it off. It’s go time. Wish me luck!

A Walmart becomes a the nation’s largest library.

Richard Scarry 2.0 beta.

Every week, I get together with my girlfriends to watch The Bachelor(ette). It’s a guilty pleasure made even more enjoyable by wine, dinner, and snarky commentary. However, the show is not without its many, many flaws… including its diversity problem.

Beautifully illustrated kitchen hacks.

My next cookbook.

7×7’s annual 100 Things to Eat in SF Before You Die list is out!

Ultimate pizza-by-the-slice guides: San Francisco & NYC.

And an anthem to


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