Friday finds

Happy Friday! San Francisco’s storming something awful, so I’m anticipating lots of cozy time indoors… be it curled up with a cup of tea or braving the crowds at the mall. I’ve only got two weekends left before I’m traveling non-stop, so I’m running my errands while I can. This, however, runs a bit contrary to my other goal of saving as much money as possible. I thought grad school applications were expensive — but these interviews and visiting weekends are draining my bank account beyond belief! I’m told it’ll all be worth it.

Jimmy Fallon, the Fresh Host of Bel-Air.

SF breakfast burritos, thoroughly analyzed.

Like Panda Express? Jay loves their cheap take-out. Chinese people..? Jury’s out.

A Leslie Knope in a world of Liz Lemons.

My new hero.

The most ergonomic thing you can do.

I can’t get enough info(od)graphics.

These are just two of my favorite things.

I can’t imagine anything better on this rainy San Francisco day than Sam Smith’s beautiful (and meaningful) new ballad:


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