Friday finds

Free at last! Now that I can live my life unfettered by grad school-related anxieties, celebrations are in order. My friends (geniuses that they are) found deals for iconic San Franciscan It’s-Its. It only follows that they’re throwing an ice cream sandwich party this weekend. As if that wasn’t enough indulgence, I’ll also be making use of one very special birthday present: a dinner at State Bird Provisions. My housemates snagged me the hottest ticket in town, demonstrating that they know me the best/are the best. Life is so beautiful.

Egg colors explained.

Don’t cash crop my cornrows: an absolute must-watch.

Her Madge-esty displeased.

“It points to a bigger problem in food media: it is fucking boring.” Once again, Tim of Lottie + Doof proves why he is my favorite food blogger.

There appear to be unexpectedly strong opinions about the Mast brothers.

We once ate at a very fancy restaurant. I wish we’d watched this behind-the-scenes beforehand. What artistry goes into each plate!

The anti-Alice Waters.

Kenji’s best fast food list is suspiciously devoid of my beloved Wienerschnitzel’s chili cheese fries.

How to drive him crazy.

Taylor Swift, scientist.

The PNW’s best Vietnamese restaurants.

Knusperflakes, 4evr n evr.

Book It!

What does being an upstairs neighbor mean to you?

In the days leading up to my grad school deadlines, I binge-watched television shows at break-neck pace. In my viewing history:

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: op-ed pieces on race roles abound, but I found the show amazingly funny regardless. It even cured me of my dislike for Ellie Kemper!
  • Mad Men: I caught up on two seasons and can’t wait to watch the final one play out. My love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Don Draper continues…
  • Broad City: I am absolutely obsessed with these women. Jay sincerely feels threatened by my raging crush on Ilana. Also, please see Abbi’s art.
  • Silicon Valley: Did not expect this to be so darn good. I am so pleased that I discovered this while still living in the Bay Area. #sorelatable
  • Girls: At the time I was watching Lena Dunham’s character try to hack it in Iowa, I was considering moving to the Midwest. #alsosorelatable
  • Fresh Off the Boat: I love this show to death, and not just because it is loaded with amazing 90s references. Hilarious and #themostrelatable
  • Shameless: Whoa. I have no idea how this show manages to be so gritty and light-hearted at the same time, but I can get down with it. Also: mad respect for Emmy Rossum.
  • Transparent: Jeffrey Tambor is just incredible. The entire cast, actually, is wonderful. This is dysfunctional family drama at its best, with some very special bildungsroman built in.
  • The Mindy Project: Sometimes Mindy annoys me, but most of the time I find her fucking hilarious. Excellent background television.
  • Game of Thrones: I am physically incapable of watching overly graphic or suspenseful things – but this is too good, even if I’m covering my eyes half the time.

And now, for my victory lap soundtrack:


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