Friday finds

This week, I checked a major item off my Bay Area bucket list: going to Alcatraz Island. I really thought I might go my entire life without stepping foot on that tourist trap, but Ai Wei Wei’s at Large exhibit drew me like a moth to flame. The installations themselves were smaller than I’d anticipated — but while they didn’t occupy much physical space, they certainly expanded mental ones.

As it turns out, the experience was well worth the price of admission, art or not. My beloved friend K and I rushed to catch a pedicab to the correct pier (an adventure in and of itself) before hopping on the ferry. Those views of the city from the deck, by the way, were breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed our four hours on the island despite being ill-prepared. A tip or two: bring your sneakers (there are a lot of uphill paths) and pack some snacks. Upon returning to the mainland, we nourished our poor, famished bodies with burgers and milkshakes.

Anyway! This weekend I’ll be spending at a birthday party and on my couch, vegging out. Though I’m done with grad school interviews, my travelin’ days aren’t quite over; I’ve got to plan out my spring and summer trips. In the meantime, I’ll be resting up and enjoying the last (eek) of my beloved lazy days in California.

Why I feel trapped in San Francisco.

What’s in your bag?

My latest binge-watching casualty: Inside Amy Schumer. Ergo: I can’t wait for this movie.

Speaking of which, I loved every word of this speech on lady confidence.

Mom, when do grown-ups stop eating breakfast?

The #1 question to ask before marriage.

I haven’t been able to stop playing the Punch Brothers’ Tiny Desk concert:


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