Friday finds

Hello from Houston! I’m scouting out my new lab and potential homes this weekend. I have to admit, I’m having a bit of a crisis coping with my imminent move. I’m beginning my break-up with the Bay Area early: un-following local blogs/Instagram accounts, talking about it with any poor souls who will listen, spending inordinate amounts of time daydreaming about the coast. I have absolutely no doubt that I will love it at Rice and in Texas, but I first have to finish grieving one of the most important relationships I’ve had to date: my affair with SF. Hopefully my trip will help remind me why I made my decision!

“If you do something only for the money and it fails, then you have nothing. If you do something you believe in and it fails, you’ll still have your pride.”

A dangerous and irresponsible culture.

In the words of Vice, “being an adult is fucking stressful.”

Rufus Wainwright has been taming the emotional beast burrowed inside my soul this week:


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