Friday finds

A sweet brunch at b. patisserie.

As much as I prize my lazy weekends, it looks like I won’t be getting another one for a while. In a few hours, I’m hopping on a plane headed home. My little sister is graduating college (hooray!), and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. We might even get a little crazy while I’m there. Stay tuned…

How not to deal with the fact that gurlz run the world.

Awkwafina’s NYC.

A day in the life of Pinterest.

Square meals.

What do you think Alice Waters makes her kid?

Life in Slomo. Just beautiful.

A somber story on Palo Alto suicides.

Can’t wait to change my life by tidying up.

The sweetest personal ad.

This summer, I’m (in a sense) quitting my job to eat my way through SE Asia.

Lots of good articles on love this week: The one that got away. The truth behind being single. Marriage rates, mapped. Choosing a life partner.

Did you know I love Miley? I truly do. She’s so phenomenally talented. This cover, in particular, blew me away. As much as I wish I could hate on the tacky costumes and Ariana’s plywood-like personality (as my dear friend K so eloquently put it) — I’m helpless against the beauty of these two voices.


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