Friday finds

(Yup, not the least bit punctual… but here it is!)

A few weekends ago, my mom visited me in San Francisco, loading up her rental car with most of my worldly possessions before she drove home. This weekend, we’re packing up the remainder of my things and driving it down an hour south to my aunt’s. From there, my family will ship my miscellany for me: shoe boxes, adjustable barbells, an air purifier, an alarming number of windbreakers, etc. What would I do without the generosity of my relatives? What would I do without my pack-rat habits? I know it’ll be easy enough to live out of my suitcase for the next two weeks. How is it, then, that I manage to accumulate so much extraneous stuff? Quel mystère.

Besides a trip to the South Bay (with a requisite stop by their Mitsuwa marketplace for Santouka’s ramen), my weekend is looking nice and leisurely. I’m getting my fill of Bay Area life: attending the final installation of brunch club and catching up on Silicon Valley.

Above: I made Grass Fed Girl’s tapioca pudding, adding in cardamom for kick and apricot for sweetness.

This home. Are you kidding me?

Getting me excited for my SEA trip! Should I take it a step further?

I’m an unabashed reality TV show watcher and thus can’t wait to get into this.

Will this get me closer to my goal of becoming Beyonce? (I’m already moving to her hometown. Fingers crossed.)

And for the weekend: this.


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