My name is Julie. I’m in my late 20’s. I’m a native Californian: born and raised in the sunny south, having worked & resided in the foggy north.

In Fall 2015, I relocated to the great state of Texas to pursue a doctoral degree.

This space is meant to be:

  • an excuse to explore different things (e.g., justify dining out every so often),
  • a means of flexing my creative muscles, and
  • an outlet through which I can express whatever vapid thoughts I’d otherwise unload on my poor friends and family.

My love for writing is overshadowed only by a longstanding obsession with food, so naturally those two things will be showcased most often here.

More than anything, though, I just want this place to be an organic extension of my consciousness… so consider yourself warned. Professional food/lifestyle/whatever blog, this is not. I’d like this little slice of the Internet pie to remain playful, because I hate taking myself too seriously (despite a severe case of sentimentality). I also want to be able to discuss things near and dear to my heart when I feel the need. Basically, I just want this to be whatever it wants (or I want) to be: formless, free, fun, and super-real.

Contact: yoursjulieblog [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

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