Friday finds

(Yup, not the least bit punctual… but here it is!)

A few weekends ago, my mom visited me in San Francisco, loading up her rental car with most of my worldly possessions before she drove home. This weekend, we’re packing up the remainder of my things and driving it down an hour south to my aunt’s. From there, my family will ship my miscellany for me: shoe boxes, adjustable barbells, an air purifier, an alarming number of windbreakers, etc. What would I do without the generosity of my relatives? What would I do without my pack-rat habits? I know it’ll be easy enough to live out of my suitcase for the next two weeks. How is it, then, that I manage to accumulate so much extraneous stuff? Quel mystère.

Besides a trip to the South Bay (with a requisite stop by their Mitsuwa marketplace for Santouka’s ramen), my weekend is looking nice and leisurely. I’m getting my fill of Bay Area life: attending the final installation of brunch club and catching up on Silicon Valley.

Above: I made Grass Fed Girl’s tapioca pudding, adding in cardamom for kick and apricot for sweetness.

This home. Are you kidding me?

Getting me excited for my SEA trip! Should I take it a step further?

I’m an unabashed reality TV show watcher and thus can’t wait to get into this.

Will this get me closer to my goal of becoming Beyonce? (I’m already moving to her hometown. Fingers crossed.)

And for the weekend: this.

Friday finds

This weekend, I’ll be attending an engagement party (congrats K&D!), having a date night (one of our last in San Francisco), and indulging in donuts and pizza (with my dearest K, who else?). All in all, a well-rounded weekend. Only three more to go in this fair city…

* This date night will consist of going to see an Actual Movie in Theaters. The last time Jay and I went to the movies, we were totally taken aback by how many people were still out when it was done… at the ripe old hour of 9 pm. Weren’t they tired? We’re basically grumpy old folks. Anyway, that’s all to say that only a true guilty pleasure could draw us out of our lair.

Kalief Browder’s story is so fucking important.

Little Caesar’s, obviously.

I quite enjoyed this.

Reading always makes me happier. U?

It doesn’t feel like summer in San Francisco at all, but this helps:

Friday finds

Coming soon: my post on Stockholm!

Let’s ignore the fact that I’m posting this (backdated) Friday finds on the following Wednesday, shall we? Had I been more responsible, I would’ve said something like…

Happy weekend! This weekend is the first of June and one of my last in San Francisco. I’m going to begin the terribly unpleasant process of packing up my many, many possessions. It’s insane how things just accumulate the longer you live at a place. I really want to start practicing the life-changing magic of tidying up… though I am much too sentimental to be too austere. Balance!

In the name of balance, I’ll also be counteracting my chore-filled days with a day trip to Santa Cruz. Happy birthday, S! Can’t wait to walk the boardwalk and stuff our faces with fried potatoes and popcorn.

Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve ruined pizza.

I’d like a pet judgmental tree frog, please.

Will your job be done by a machine?

The speedy Proust questionnaire.

Confessions of moms around the world.

I wanna be a part of Rihanna’s girl gang.

My niece’s future holiday presents.

Getting me a bit more excited: Bun B eating his way through Houston.

All the best parts of using using AirBnB.

Soundtrack: my man, forever n ever.

Friday finds

My dear friend S scooped me up for a mid-week picnic at Devil’s Teeth Bakery (see: the edge of one amazing peanut butter choolate chip cookie at the bottom of the photo!).

Weekend’s here and I’m flying off to Sweden, Stockholm, with eight of my closest friends! I can’t wait. We’ll be exploring the city and having fika (the beloved Swedish equivalent of a leisurely coffee break or tea time). Be back soon!

Some beautiful (and very relevant) advice I received recently.

Yay for inclusive dolls!

In undergrad, I taught a class on Mad Men. It was so fun thinking critically about the television show, as this piece does with one of the series’ shockers. Less serious but still fantastic: Mad Men, millenial.

The modern day yuppie.

Growing up black.

More on Myers-Briggs personality types — love!

The real cause of addiction.

The genius behind Google Brain on life and careers: “I think that “follow your passion” is not good career advice. It’s actually one of the most terrible pieces of career advice we give people… So when I think about what to do with my own life, what I want to work on, I look at two criteria.”

Entrepreneurs on doing what they love.

Soundtrack: it could only be Robyn + Royksopp.

Friday finds

A sweet brunch at b. patisserie.

As much as I prize my lazy weekends, it looks like I won’t be getting another one for a while. In a few hours, I’m hopping on a plane headed home. My little sister is graduating college (hooray!), and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. We might even get a little crazy while I’m there. Stay tuned…

How not to deal with the fact that gurlz run the world.

Awkwafina’s NYC.

A day in the life of Pinterest.

Square meals.

What do you think Alice Waters makes her kid?

Life in Slomo. Just beautiful.

A somber story on Palo Alto suicides.

Can’t wait to change my life by tidying up.

The sweetest personal ad.

This summer, I’m (in a sense) quitting my job to eat my way through SE Asia.

Lots of good articles on love this week: The one that got away. The truth behind being single. Marriage rates, mapped. Choosing a life partner.

Did you know I love Miley? I truly do. She’s so phenomenally talented. This cover, in particular, blew me away. As much as I wish I could hate on the tacky costumes and Ariana’s plywood-like personality (as my dear friend K so eloquently put it) — I’m helpless against the beauty of these two voices.

Friday finds

Hooray for weekends with no Big Plans! The only thing I’ve got to do is go to the movies. We’re catching a screening of Heaven Adores You, a documentary on one of our most beloved musicians. In fact, nearly ten years ago, a teenaged Jay and I bonded over our love of Elliott Smith (and teenaged Julie heaved many an angsty sigh over her unrequited love sorrythatsgrossIknow). Hope your weekends are just as sweet and sentimental.

Get that beach body.

NYC vs SF, illustrated.

Career advice I wish I had at 25.

The art of being apart.

Smoke and mirrors?

10 tricks to appearing smart in meetings.

The story of a movie star, a refugee community, and beauty.

Have you heard of the 5 love languages? It’s one of my favorite psych concepts. Everyone communicates their love in different ways; for example, I am big on quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. As an Asian American, however, I find this translation hilariously on the money.

Such beautiful, survivor-designed empathy cards.

There can be no room in this movement for misogyny.

Deep thought for the weekend: how can I sing/look/dance like FKA twigs.

Friday finds

Hello from Houston! I’m scouting out my new lab and potential homes this weekend. I have to admit, I’m having a bit of a crisis coping with my imminent move. I’m beginning my break-up with the Bay Area early: un-following local blogs/Instagram accounts, talking about it with any poor souls who will listen, spending inordinate amounts of time daydreaming about the coast. I have absolutely no doubt that I will love it at Rice and in Texas, but I first have to finish grieving one of the most important relationships I’ve had to date: my affair with SF. Hopefully my trip will help remind me why I made my decision!

“If you do something only for the money and it fails, then you have nothing. If you do something you believe in and it fails, you’ll still have your pride.”

A dangerous and irresponsible culture.

In the words of Vice, “being an adult is fucking stressful.”

Rufus Wainwright has been taming the emotional beast burrowed inside my soul this week:

Friday finds

This week, I checked a major item off my Bay Area bucket list: going to Alcatraz Island. I really thought I might go my entire life without stepping foot on that tourist trap, but Ai Wei Wei’s at Large exhibit drew me like a moth to flame. The installations themselves were smaller than I’d anticipated — but while they didn’t occupy much physical space, they certainly expanded mental ones.

As it turns out, the experience was well worth the price of admission, art or not. My beloved friend K and I rushed to catch a pedicab to the correct pier (an adventure in and of itself) before hopping on the ferry. Those views of the city from the deck, by the way, were breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed our four hours on the island despite being ill-prepared. A tip or two: bring your sneakers (there are a lot of uphill paths) and pack some snacks. Upon returning to the mainland, we nourished our poor, famished bodies with burgers and milkshakes.

Anyway! This weekend I’ll be spending at a birthday party and on my couch, vegging out. Though I’m done with grad school interviews, my travelin’ days aren’t quite over; I’ve got to plan out my spring and summer trips. In the meantime, I’ll be resting up and enjoying the last (eek) of my beloved lazy days in California.

Why I feel trapped in San Francisco.

What’s in your bag?

My latest binge-watching casualty: Inside Amy Schumer. Ergo: I can’t wait for this movie.

Speaking of which, I loved every word of this speech on lady confidence.

Mom, when do grown-ups stop eating breakfast?

The #1 question to ask before marriage.

I haven’t been able to stop playing the Punch Brothers’ Tiny Desk concert:

Friday finds

Free at last! Now that I can live my life unfettered by grad school-related anxieties, celebrations are in order. My friends (geniuses that they are) found deals for iconic San Franciscan It’s-Its. It only follows that they’re throwing an ice cream sandwich party this weekend. As if that wasn’t enough indulgence, I’ll also be making use of one very special birthday present: a dinner at State Bird Provisions. My housemates snagged me the hottest ticket in town, demonstrating that they know me the best/are the best. Life is so beautiful.

Egg colors explained.

Don’t cash crop my cornrows: an absolute must-watch.

Her Madge-esty displeased.

“It points to a bigger problem in food media: it is fucking boring.” Once again, Tim of Lottie + Doof proves why he is my favorite food blogger.

There appear to be unexpectedly strong opinions about the Mast brothers.

We once ate at a very fancy restaurant. I wish we’d watched this behind-the-scenes beforehand. What artistry goes into each plate!

The anti-Alice Waters.

Kenji’s best fast food list is suspiciously devoid of my beloved Wienerschnitzel’s chili cheese fries.

How to drive him crazy.

Taylor Swift, scientist.

The PNW’s best Vietnamese restaurants.

Knusperflakes, 4evr n evr.

Book It!

What does being an upstairs neighbor mean to you?

In the days leading up to my grad school deadlines, I binge-watched television shows at break-neck pace. In my viewing history:

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: op-ed pieces on race roles abound, but I found the show amazingly funny regardless. It even cured me of my dislike for Ellie Kemper!
  • Mad Men: I caught up on two seasons and can’t wait to watch the final one play out. My love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Don Draper continues…
  • Broad City: I am absolutely obsessed with these women. Jay sincerely feels threatened by my raging crush on Ilana. Also, please see Abbi’s art.
  • Silicon Valley: Did not expect this to be so darn good. I am so pleased that I discovered this while still living in the Bay Area. #sorelatable
  • Girls: At the time I was watching Lena Dunham’s character try to hack it in Iowa, I was considering moving to the Midwest. #alsosorelatable
  • Fresh Off the Boat: I love this show to death, and not just because it is loaded with amazing 90s references. Hilarious and #themostrelatable
  • Shameless: Whoa. I have no idea how this show manages to be so gritty and light-hearted at the same time, but I can get down with it. Also: mad respect for Emmy Rossum.
  • Transparent: Jeffrey Tambor is just incredible. The entire cast, actually, is wonderful. This is dysfunctional family drama at its best, with some very special bildungsroman built in.
  • The Mindy Project: Sometimes Mindy annoys me, but most of the time I find her fucking hilarious. Excellent background television.
  • Game of Thrones: I am physically incapable of watching overly graphic or suspenseful things – but this is too good, even if I’m covering my eyes half the time.

And now, for my victory lap soundtrack:

Friday finds

Happy Friday! San Francisco’s storming something awful, so I’m anticipating lots of cozy time indoors… be it curled up with a cup of tea or braving the crowds at the mall. I’ve only got two weekends left before I’m traveling non-stop, so I’m running my errands while I can. This, however, runs a bit contrary to my other goal of saving as much money as possible. I thought grad school applications were expensive — but these interviews and visiting weekends are draining my bank account beyond belief! I’m told it’ll all be worth it.

Jimmy Fallon, the Fresh Host of Bel-Air.

SF breakfast burritos, thoroughly analyzed.

Like Panda Express? Jay loves their cheap take-out. Chinese people..? Jury’s out.

A Leslie Knope in a world of Liz Lemons.

My new hero.

The most ergonomic thing you can do.

I can’t get enough info(od)graphics.

These are just two of my favorite things.

I can’t imagine anything better on this rainy San Francisco day than Sam Smith’s beautiful (and meaningful) new ballad: